Fecal Matters is a podcast that tackles the taboo topic of poop. We explore the history, science, culture and politics behind what comes out of your behind.

Description: Fecal Matters is exactly what you’re looking for in a new podcast. It’s fresh, it’s creative, and it’s big. You’re looking for bold new approaches? An idea that wouldn’t occur to just anyone? I have what you want. This podcast is all about excrement—that’s about as daring and imaginative as it gets!

Fecal Matters isn’t a ploy to gross you out, though that may happen sometimes. And it’s not going to be a silly, fart-joke laden ‘cast (though I’m totally OK with a few puns now and then!). This podcast delves into a taboo, but very normal bodily function, and it makes talking about it smart and witty.

Not only do we need this podcast to make our happy hours WAY more interesting, but we could also use the laugh. The world is pretty messed up right now, and I don’t know about you, but it makes me incredibly stressed and frustrated on a daily basis. Everyone will loosen up a little and have a good chuckle—all the while learning something.

Plus, if you’re OK talking about poop, you can get into a whole bunch of other serious taboo issues that need addressing. This podcast will inspire you to learn more about the world, and have fun doing it.

For more information on yours truly, head to www.mbloudoff.com.

Cover photo by Will Sweet.